Mobile player’s panel from new update issue

Hey, I am a mobile Warden, and the recent update had given me and many other mobile players some issues. The control panels for both the Vote-Kick system, and the panel from Command in Cell Block. This issue is recursive, meaning that the problem continues to be repeated again and again. If you have not read already, THIS ISSUE IS MET WITH ALL MOBILE USERS.
Problem is NOT resolved currently. (JUNE 5)
Problem is NOT reproducable.

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I can confirm this. This always happens and we can’t VK anyone at all!

@dpimpy You really need to fix this, I’ve checked the group wall and so many people are complaining about it

Same I can’t VK anyone :frowning:

skoseck - Chairperson | Appeals Staff | President Of Staff Chat

A fix has been applied. Please allow 24 hours to show effect in all servers.