Mobile radio button

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description: Theres no button for radio on/off for mobile.
  • How often does it occur:ever.
  • Where does it occur:in game.
  • How to reproduce: Just add button
  • Video showing the bug: Haven’t.

Wdym no radio on/off on mobile

I think he means there is no button on mobile allowing to transmit a conversation out, like meaning on mobile there is no button to him turning it on or off, EXP: almost like a radio you have a button to transmit something important out.

But you can…
Just click the button right below radio

Not on mobile you can’t, there is no button for that.

Well, sometimes when you die on mobile, auto sprint, crouch button, transmit and Down button for guns disappear. Trust me mobile has those bugzzzz :sob:

Create new topic about it,not here

it falls under the same category

He talking about, spring button, crouch…and topic is Mobile radio button