Mobile Scoping for guns

Hi! I am a Warden at SVP, and would like to have a scope for guns, this is for helping me aim at people from far away, such as when I’m in a post tower.

Coming with this scope, I would prefer for it to not just be a stand-alone zoom in, moreover where the gun moves to the middle of your screen and zooms in. This update would help both PC players and Mobile.

Buy the awp ez as that

Scopes match pretty much only sniper rifles.
There are already sniper rifles.
And I don’t think it should be more, as they are hard to balance.

um actually the SVU probably has a scope :point_up: :nerd_face:

More expensive tho as far as I know
And not in OC

I mean that should be fixed sometime surely but for now its useless to ask pretty sure its already going to be part of next update