Mod gamepass cannot use view, pm or info on others

Recently as a Warden I bought the admin gamepass so I could get better evidence of abusers, but when I try to view, pm or use info on someone else, it just executes the command on me.

*** How often does it occur**
Every time I use one of the above commands

Where does it occur
In the chat box, where you chat and execute commands

How to reproduce
Someone use the Admin Commands gamepass and try it.

** Video showing the bug**
I don’t have a video right now, but I will post it later.

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They changed it so you can only use commands on yourself, this was made to reduce mass AA (reseting others). But i hope they will make it so the view, pm, and info can be used on others again

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Yes, I understand res and ref restrictions, but I hope they will make it so that only those commands are restricted.

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I agree, I know a DW who bought admin for the same reason as you.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

What rank should I DM on Discord to report this? @dpimpy ?

Well you just pinged 4D, the head dev, but idk if this is fixable without giving mod the res command on others back

Well technically when you bought the mod gamepass, you agreed that you could only use it on yourself.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

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ur allowed to use pm on other lmfao bus ur not gonna have a convo with urself lol

I don’t believe that they will allow pm or view on others anymore with the mod gamepass… it’s because the gamepass description says,
“By buying this pass, you will receive VIP commands. This means that you can only use commands on yourself, and not other people.
but we’ll see.

Like what, so most of the commands are basically useless?

This does not even stop AA. People can still use “ref me haha im out of cuffs” and “res me lol escaping cops”

Just remove res and ref, and leave the other commands alone.

Like not wanna be rude, but that is going to so absolutely nothing.

You still have admin commands, which is exactly where you paid for.
Also, developers have the right to change how a gamepass works, even jailbreak did it

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Its a lot better then resing everyone in the server

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Quoted from Roblox:
“As discussed elsewhere in these Terms, there may be situations where games, avatar items, or other content may be removed from the Service (due to violations of these Terms or for other reasons). We will have no liability for any losses you may incur as a result, and will not be liable to refund any Robux or other funds you spent in or for that game or content”

So y’a. You can’t get a refund, so what do you want anyway?

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

The devs actually listened to this and whitelisted the commands, so there is nothing to discuss in this topic anymore.


Topic is done. The devs have fixed the commands so you can use on others.


Warden & Event Staff

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