Moderation Tools for W+

I think Warden+ should have some moderation tools to be sure about VKing. For example, i think Warden should have the ability to PM, View and be able to announce from the High Command room on the PC.

#SEARCHBAR that’s all I have to say🌝

Not announce but the ability to pm and view would be good, although Wardens only would have to provide a reason to view (CP+ don’t).


Buy admin, or get to CP. -izzya258.

Agreed with this, making announcements is too much

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I’d say that maybe FD+ would have some tool to give W the permission to do all this, this way, FD+ can give these permissions to select Wardens, and announcing could be included in this because it’s confirmed that only certain Wardens that were handpicked by FD+ get these abilities/commands. If you have a log for this then it could even help with W-CP promotions for CAC+ because giving Ws permission is basically recommending them for CP.

I disagree, I think what sossie stated above is just right and there is no need for FD+ to give these perms. Also some Wardens would probably abuse the PM command anyways, so I agree that there should be logs for this; if this feature was added, there would most likely be logs for this anyways

How can pm be abused?

By PMing people random stuff, etc

No. Let me put this real simple. People who actually care about this community are tired of power hungry wardens coming on here and posting the absolute dumbest ideas. Wardens should not be given any admin level. It is an LR rank. And a big hell no to announcing, we have over 5k wardens. This would kill stateview.


Why give W+ the power to Vote kick when they don’t even have the tools to deem it necessary, and VK is way way more abusable than PM or View. I went a little over the top with Announcing, but the rest are relatively harmless.

Also, if we just enforce the rule “Abuse of the PM system can result in a permanent ban” most wardens wouldn’t dare to.

Yea ngl they shouldn’t get VK either bc everyone just votes yes no matter what

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I disagree with that because there are some Wardens that use the VK system correctly and it wouldn’t be fair for them.