More Criminal Activities

I think there should be more Criminal Activities because it’s the same thing and it’s getting boring. They show add own separate radio for criminal team as the game will be more fun you should make the city more big and also the criminal team should also have their own watchtowers and they can snipe from there. I think this idea will be great in my opinion I hope this gets accepted.


So basically SV becomes a battlefield, with 2 sides sniping each other and inmates having to run through no-mans land to escape?

No, thank you.

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I like the idea of a radio but snipers would be to overpowered because the cops will think they have been hit by a frying pan or something.

I agree with Dark1 and funky.Snipers are not needed cuz like we can technically snipe cops by hiding behind walls, building and some time from their towers but I like the radio part since it’s hard to communicate with other criminals when all the criminals attack the prison in different entrances. This is my pov so don’t take it personal :sweat_smile: