More criminal and Inmate features

Hello there SVP, I’m adamus but please just call me Adam. And I put some suggestions of what I think would make the game so much more fun and realistic

  • Have a new tool on the criminal team called HANDCUFF KEY This equipment can be used to break the criminal out of his/her cuffs if the person already got arrested. It should take about 5 seconds to successfully break them out and should take about 10/15 seconds for the criminal to already spawn in jail and for the other criminal trying to break the person out would be too late.

  • 2 New ways to get the keycard, Firstly, you can kill a guard and a keycard and some other police equipment (It won’t always be a keycard the spawns out by the way) Secondly, But this could be a most likely not a good idea since a guard could notice what you’re doing easily, But you could pickpocket a guard and pray for a keycard to be given to you, It could be a Glock or a weapon like that or it could just be something completely random such as a donut or a chocolate bar or something to that.

3- Finally, for the inmates you can have the ability to use the punch control by clicking the letter F on your keyboard, If you are on a PC or a laptop or computer whatever you want to call it, If your on a tablet or phone then a button will pop up and will say punch, Tap on it and it will automatically punch for you.
Punches will take about 6 HP on whoever your punching. But you can have an option to use HARD PUNCH which basically means swinging harder at the person your punching, and will take double amount of HP of a normal punch.

I hope you liked my 3 suggestions on this topic, And look forward to reviewing your feedbacks :smiley:

Signed by adamus, Warden of SVP

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Handcuff break- meh, not needed. 2- I never liked this in jailbreak, that would be too easy. 3- Punching eould be kinda a mess and if you implement the second thing as well it eould just rain keycards and guns.

It’s not always going to be a gun or keycard.