More guns in SV!

Alright, we only have 4 total guns that are widely available for the general player in SVP. The M4A1, MP5, M16, and the Glock 17. I think we should add 2 New guns.

  • Remington 870
    A 6 round capacity shotgun with the ability to switch between Buckshot and Slug ammunition. This gun should primarily be for the ER team.
  • TEC-9
    A lightweight semi-automatic pistol that should be primarily for the inmate team. The inmates can only access 3 out of the 4 guns that the staff currently have so maybe adding this would help balance the teams out.

If y’all feel like you can add more onto this, be my guest.


I thought I saw somewhere that the TEC-9 is already in the game…

tec-9 already exist, dm me to buy

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Remington on top.


Remington shotgun would be nice because we dont have any close range guns that most SV players can use.

remington used to exist i believe so it should still be in the game files, or maybe it was the mossberg 500, would still be cool to see readded

Bro, you love to advertise

dOnT NeCroPoSt

Necroposting became crazy rn