More of an official goodbye to sv, clearing up a few things

Just kinda here to say an official goodbye to sv, nothing serious just sayin goodbye and apologizing to people i ended up getting bl’d in sv.

i had some good times in sv, sadly it didnt exactly end on a “good note”

However, i’d just like to clear up a few misconceptions i’ve been told.

No, i was not saying “stateview is corrupt” or “stateview is sexist”

I said in a server non related to stateview that i saw alot of sexist people in stateview, breaking 0 rules.

And i should be clear to anyone who says that i was sexist or racist, i am not sexist nor racist or homophobic. I just have a very un forgiving sense of humor.

I made an announcement calling lexicon corrupt, not breaking any rules.

The entire situation was a gross overreaction to an opinion.

People saying that lexicon only punishes those who deserve it or have done wrong. He doxxes Children on a lego game. Nothing can make that right. A child leaking or saying something stupid shouldnt get their information leaked.

At most i called lexicon corrupt, the entire moral of the message i sent was “Stateview should not be governed by a hacker, stateview players should not live in fear of being doxxed.” It does not matter if it wasnt lexicon that banned seb, that invalidates 1 sentence.

However im not going to turn into one of those damn alts raiding your game constantly and always coming back.

I’d just like to apologize.

To any friends i got blacklisted.

To anyone i didnt know and got blacklisted.

The situation got way too out of control.

I’d like to apologize to thefiredog for getting his server blacklisted.

Cya stateview, had alot of good memories there. :saluting_face:



It was fun while it lasted :saluting_face: maybe we’ll see agian

Well, I’m still confused why all of us got bled (appealed) so like I still Donno what really happened

Good luck on your next adventure

didnt age well

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well, you sort of came back :cowboy_hat_face:

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