More strict ranks

With this i wanna say when someone rank up with levels,the person must to do a little quiz to rank up.This is ONLY for ranking up with levels.I saw a lot of abusers,especially COMMs,PIs,DWs…and all ranks below.

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I mean I remember when there was a time there where no levels no applications and you had to go to tryouts those where the great times.


Hello there, I actually do not agree with this suggestion, as we have enough ranks. A minimum time to get maximum rank that is even possible to get takes above 1 year, which is super long. And it even depends, since it can be 2 years and longer depending on the activity of certain person. Adding on, we have enough ranks to provide good promotion system.

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I got my warden rank in 2 months -_-


That is good, congratulations to you. But as you could’ve seen, or maybe not, I said that obtaining MAXIMUM GROUP RANK takes over 1 year. Not to get Warden, hope you see the problem.

ValuedEnough - Facility Director

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I got my Warden rank in 1 month

I got my warden rank in 10 days.