More teams and weapons

I think COMM+ should be allowed to join a team called Riot Control which controls riots and has new weapons such as a bulletproof vest, the helmet with the gear from V1 and maybe make the vest raise your health to 150, And make it less fat and covers your whole body, if that is not possible,make it so it looks better and not like a fat black block on your torso. And the tools will be an AUG, Revolver, and a next gen riot shield which is bigger and a lot more protective then the ERT shield, they also get access to a new cell block on the second floor that COMM+ can access. This is the Maximum Security Isolation Confinement cells. Prisoners go here if they are escaping and have killed officers. Remember this is like max, they stay here, it is not a temporary holding cell for rule breakers.PI+ can join a team called Prison Investigation. They have access to a PI+ room on the second floor to check the cameras. The cameras record everything. Prison Investigation have ERT tools. This is useful for finding crims and dealing with them. DW+ should have access to a team called Mid Command.There will also be a room on the second floor that gives them access to view players and votekick them from there. They also get access to chat logs if they are a Warden.This team is the team lower than High Command and is available for DW+ to join. Anyone on the team is like the chief of the prison if no High Command is on the server. They get ERT tools. They can also votekick without a vote. In addition to this, people that are AFK farming for EXP will be instantly temp banned for 5 days if detected by the server, another feature about this team is that they can access a computer in their room upstairs that has a map of everything and everyone in the server. The map also allows them to all the doors in the server that they can manually open and close. This includes cell doors and other doors, including the gate controls, tower doors, and the gate itself. They can also click on a player and that would enter view mode of the player with a sidebar that has the commands, warn,votekick, and exit. The exit one is to get out of view mode and return to the map screen, the warn one is that they send a notification to the player with no reply that tells them they have been warned by [ Player ] for [ reason ].Before they can enter Mid Command, also have to pass a small quiz to be sure they are ready and fit. If they fail to obey to what they had promised in the quiz, they will be perm banned.And make all of this gamepass free! And to match this update make a second floor for COMM+ to enter only.


I think its impossible to make cameras with playback.

Actually, there are many warden abusers so I don’t really agree.

Looks cool ngl.

Umm. Your idea is going to be big updates.
It’s look cool!

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Thanks! I know the idea is huge but it will greatly help make the prison realistic and more advanced. And this could create big ideas for promoting Stateview and we will GROW!!! #StateviewGrow.

What? If you put an inmate in max they can go out after a certain amount of time too.

Its close to impossible to make such a system, as it’ll fail a lot of the time, you should just report them in intel

SV doesn’t have permbans anymore

And i think the mid command team should be called staff command (just sounds better) and it should look like CS, but have the tools of ERT. And it should be W+

I agree with quite a few points made, and such an update would likely be successful in revitalising/diversifying the role you play within SV, though there are certainly a few kinks to be ironed out.


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I like the ideas. I just have 1 problem with it. I remember when I was ERT COMM+ would spam and threaten to votekick me if I didn’t get out of the control room (I was just trying to figure out rules at the time). If there are too many COMM+ rooms then this will happen so many times.

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This isn’t related to the topic but can you try adding paragraphs and spacing? I had trouble reading this…

First of all there’s a huge flaw with this. Let’s say my mom says it is time for supper and I forget to turn off my PC. Bam, I’m banned for five days. Second, any PI+ can’t be the chief of the prison when an HR isn’t online. Things get hectic when LRs are calling shots. And a promotion quiz to mid-command isn’t a bad idea but if you fail it you get permanently banned? Wtf my guy. No no no.

No, he meant that if you pass the quiz but abuse or do something bad you will get permbanned. But I agree, this suggestion is bad and I dont agree with anything.

Afk grinding is a 7 day ban lol, if its ur second offense 30, 3th offence 270 and so on