Mouse disappears

  • Description: When you die with a weapon in your hand your cursor will disappear
  • How often does it occur: everytime you die with a weapon in hand
  • Where does it occur: everywhere
  • How to reproduce: die with a weapon in hand
  • Video showing the bug: Video (its a bit long but that shouldnt matter)

I don’t play on PC and when did this start?

Errm, pretty sure since the new (or old) weapon update.

Ugh this keeps happening to me so I have to leave the window and go back in.

It works when you get a gun again in your hand the cursor will appear again.

It happens to me, all I have to do to equip a gun and unequip it and it comes back.

i don’t really play on pc but I played on it before so I know about that bug, it’s quite easy to fix if you want to know how to make the mouse reappear.

Ya that is the solution.So if you want to make it reappear just do this.

Yes but as yoz may have seen in the video I dont have the weapons gamepass so I need to either run to the officer spawn (hard and 2 minutes max) or change to officer team (its hard when you cant see your mouse)

Suggest to whenever it happens you rejoin the game or reset your PC. If none work it might be from the a bit of lag or an actual bug, but I tried it and it doesn’t happen to me.

As said, its easy to fix this. But its so annoying thats why i want it fixed.