My gamepass is not working well

Hello, recently the M4A1 gamepass is working more correctly in prisoner I do not have the weapon

Could someone help me ?

Did you rejoin the game using !rejoin?

How ? I didn’t understand
Could you explain to me ?

@loivire14 Type “!rejoin” into the chat box, hope this helps!


In game or discord ?
I have to do the 30 characters

In-game. (I also have to do the 30 characters lol)


Thank you but why do we have to restart the game ?

Gamepasses and ranks do not apply unless you leave and go back in. !rejoin does just that. Did it work?


Yes thank you (the 30 characters)

Good, happy I can help!


Did you buy SWAT bundle? SWAT bundle only works for staff teams. Also M4A1 is only available every time you rejoin. It also has to be purchased outside the game.

**4/30 5/21 RP Update **

Gamepass abuse

  • If you die with the M4 gamepass, you lose the weapon until you are arrested and spawn as inmate again (or play at a different time). Note: You still have keycard, Glock, boombox, and etc.

@Alt2662 @dylannn.exe The issue has been fixed, he needed to rejoin (Read the above posts)


he can either rejoin or get killed and respawn again