Need Anyone to answer me

I got terminated a few times(i think it is 3) and there is something to clean your account from these infractions? I really want to know + you have to meet rank requirements and expectations for promotion from inspections after passing it?(I have Poland autocorrect fors ome reason when there are any grammar issues).

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No, you cannot clean your account from 3 terminations. That is way too major to be allowed. I can even make a .png showing you how far away that is from being able to clean yourself. Well, it also depends on the reasons for the terminations; if it was AA (admin abuse) all 3, then there is no way.

Idk how, but I was i reality terminated 1 times, but Like 3 hr’s did that cuz then I VKAed

Or 2 times idk. I core locked then guy WHO were lifting and leaving.

You can’t “clear” your punishment history. But you should be able to get promoted, it may be a little harder, but it’s possible.

Can you help me with a question? It is:

How do I shut the power down?

You have to find janitors key what can be on camera operator room(at the end of the prison small room) or at high command offices. Then go to max security yard and you can find the door what you can open by using this keycard and pułk the lever as inmate/criminal. When want to turn it on do same thing but as a cop.

Okay. How do we post last question

yeah maybe if you try to make it kind enough you’ll get an answer by the time you go out afternoon

You could delete the log if you have access to it…
But that’s probably against the rules, I would advise not doing that.