Need help Disscord

I have been banned from stateview for false reasons when i checked my account is hacked
sending scam links please someone ask high authority ok Stateview to unban me but not right now I ll delete my account and make a new if i m still banned I will reply here thanks …
Herobrineminete Prison inspector one more thing I also got banned from intel server.

If you delete your roblox account and make a new its bypassing a punishment. Appeal it here

You can appeal in our intel server, but you’re responsible for your account

He is but if you get hacked you cant do much about it. For example, im on holiday and when I log back in all my robux are gone and im banned frim every game. As I was on holiday and didnt play roblox I didnt know I had this issue, so I cant change it. Now you wanna get unbanned but they way your responsible for your account? That seems really unfair.

It are the rules, they said it in announcements, i agree its unfair, but else everyone is always saying “i got hacked” or “my brother was playing” we cant know who’s lying and who’s not

I mean, if they say their brother played I think its reasonable to kot revert it, but if youget banned for hacking cant we give zhem a second chance if they ensure they didnt hack? If they hack afterwards they can stay banned but this seems pretty unfair.

Well yes but guys my discord account is hacked not my roblox account

Oh, I seee what you mean. I dont know how to appeal discord bans

What should i do then??? U have any idea