Nerf the guns or add recoil back

Reduce the gun damage in M4A1 and MP5
mp5 has very less recoil and m4a1 has got no recoil, it legit takes 2 seconds to lazer and kill anyone in sight.

Playing from both sides I can tell the reason why riots are so hard to control, the staffs tries to taze but there’s hardly any time to recover if missed which happens 80% of the time

I have personally raided prison during multiple shifts with a friend testing these guns and its so unbalanced

Nerfing the guns by the right amount will def make the game more enjoyable or just add back the recoil

I agree, the guns are a bit OP they should nerf the damage with the guns atleast for the inmates/criminals because when an inmate has the M4 it’s very easy to start a huge riot and the officers wouldn’t have any chanse to stop the inmates…

Yes I agree, but they should remove recoil from ALL guns or add a little bit of recoil back into the M4A1

The entire purpose of this request is to nerf the guns not make them more unbalanced by removing recoil from all the guns

Feel like getting the recoil back to the M4A1 will make it bit balanced but the damage is still unreal

No the glock can two shot by a head shot and then any type of shot I think a head shot if like 80 damage and body shot is 30+ and arm shot is 20+

Glock is balanced because its fire rate is less since its a pistol and has recoil, nothing should be done with the glock since people miss a lot. The main problem is the m4 and mp5

Nope they’re equal as well, even tho the M4 doesn’t have recoil it’s still quite equal, the minimum I’ve seen is you can maximum only four shot people

Completely disagree but it doesn’t matter now, the recent update has revamped the guns and they are somewhat balanced now with the recoil added back