New abuser system

New vote about abusers VF (Vote fire) it’s means if an person abusing he getting fire on 1 day (to LSI) votes can start only W+ or CP+
And if someone VFA (Vote fire abuse) he gets Unappealable bl
And this will be more RP like someone Rping stupid cop or something else

Edited: bad idea

no because it is easily abused + there’s already a thing called termination and rank lock

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But it’s like vote you know

No, it would end up like VK with everyone in the server (if you mean an in-game vote) saying yes without even reading the reason, and also it would be easily abused.

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Makes sense…

dorsals speaking fax right now
People just literally say yes if you put the reason “wtyduktdrwaktdu5ytwahmc” or “FAILURE”

Or “test” or themselves and then they should add gimmechars