New admin commands for FD+

I think adding these admin powers would be more beneficial and helpful to the community. If anyone has any ideas please add on to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cuff/Arrest Lock [Player/server]
: CAC+ Admin
This function would lock/remove the use of cuffs in a server or for a certain player. This could be helpful during Riot Protocols

Strike [1/2/3] [Player]: FD+ Admin
This function should only be used during a training. It would be easier to give out strikes.
(This idea has already been suggested but I changed some things in it)

Give CPAdmin [Time] [Player]: CAC+ Admin
Okay, due to the hundreds of Chairpersons complaining this might help solve part of the problem. CAC may give a CP temporary admin for the required time. For example, a CP could get some extremely basic admin for training. It would include View, Res, Ref, sit, and PM. Yes, I know FDā€™s could do it but it would be nice if a CP could train themselves with using admin till they get FD.

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You are allowed to put people in max during RPCs.

No need, use a notepad.

Last one isnt as bad, I do think CPs need admin for trainings for example to do questions. But idk if its actually worth the time implementing that


It could be easy, they just give them the same as the gamepass, which is just a var. they already have it, that command could just make the game think you have gamepass admin.