New Correctional Officer? This Might be Useful for You

Being a correctional officer (CO) can be a bit overwhelming to a new player.

Don’t panic.

Just repeat after me: “All the answers I need are already here.”

It’s true.

First time you rank up to medical officer (MO), take a look at the black panels in the infirmary or cell block with all the rules. Don’t try to memorize it, just get a feel for what these inmates need from you.

Next, as soon as possible, hop into a Shift.

Shifts are hosted by Chairpersons and up (CP+), and take about 20-40 minutes where every staff member practices how to run a prison as a team.

If you feel uncomfortable or nervous attending, JUST DO IT! It’s the perfect time for you. Trust me, you will learn how to speak, how to shoot, when to shoot, and you get to pose for a picture at the end. What’s not to like?

Lastly, those people you see running around in white shirts? They’re Wardens (most likely), and are your best friend. They will either make you a better CO, or help you out if you’re having difficulties with an inmate. Wardens are the first people you turn to in a game, generally speaking, and can resolve 99% of issues.

Happy to have you on board the SVP. :slight_smile:

This is not official by any means, so if any W+ has additional comments or corrections, I’ll be happy to add it in.


-Est (DW)

Or the wardens will vote kick you for no reason

Yeah i can agree
Signed - Void

Thank you, that’s a valid point.

I have this guide geared towards LVL 0-10, and I personally wasn’t aware of VK abuse until at least LVL 20-30.

Instead of making freshies aware of something scary like getting kicked from a game you’re still learning, I propose making a new guide geared towards DW+ on how to address VK abuse. It’ll mention !Intel. Though, I have never used it myself so it may include speculation…

What do you think?