New criminal spawn is oh so very far away

Problem - Between the inaccessibility of cars when escaping and the straight up zero support for cars on mobile, I think it is safe to say that cars are not reliable when escaping, and rather are only useful when a non-mobile player drives from the criminal spawn to the prison. For mobile players and escapees, this new distance between the prison and the criminal items spawn feels quite far, taking up to 2 minutes if one in on the run from a cop, but otherwise 1 full minute of holding whatever makes your character move forwards.

Possible solution - The barn seen from the prison walls seems to be a little more accessible, though that would basically make cars useless. If cars cannot be removed, it would be nice to make them a little more accessible through mobile support and possibly criminal car spawns around the barn, as this would still allow cop cars to be useful when chasing escapees and would also virtually cut the distance to the criminal spawn in half.

There is a car spawner right in front of the prison

I believe that car spawner is for cops only.

The one in the prison parking lot yes, but there’s a crim/inmate spawner in front of the front gate

Really? interesting. In that case, the only thing left to do is to make cars accessible to mobile players.