New department?

It is not similar to OC. You really do not understand.

This is stupid, no one wants to play Roblox with their free time to walk around a prison for hours


it is similiar to oc, very similiar infact.

OC patrols the prison formally when on duty

OC is only on duty when they are on OC team

OC guards the prison and has authority over people up to the rank of FD

OC has other weapons and uniforms

this is just dumb and OC can teamkill anyway

this is also goofy

OC can do all of these

also OC

and this is super stupid

also dont say this is not similiar to OC since you have never been in the dept, i was in it for several months so i know all their ins and outs, this department would be pointless and just dumb


Well could you shut up already. We get it.

just pointing out facts dont be mad lil bro

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Bro angry :sob:
Let us cook


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dang just realized how much i cooked here :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:


Idea is very good, but it sounds so complicated they probably wont add it.

~szymonekpolaczek, FD.

as an oc i can say that no we dont, we stop riots

we dont need more departments, especially rip offs

ong chat


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they aint gonna add it oc already exists and this idea just goofy

Actually fax beyond comprehension

Don’t necropost…


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u just revived this post


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Nah he probably deleted the post.

oh i forgot abt that


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Yeah lol


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yea and u just revived the post u want a medal?

They did not. Someone else revived it and the post got deleted. Maybe do some research before posting?