New escape route!

Add an Escape route in showers Because showers is very isolated. I gotbo idea on what it could be but i want ab escape route in showers.

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I agree, but this will increase the amount of Lockdowns, and would be super hard. If you have ever been in showers during the shower status, you know that many inmates fight because they are so close in the showers, and they are messing with staff, and makes it super hard to keep it in hand. So this is a great idea, but i think it will extremely increase the amount of criminals, and reduce the amount of inmates. Have a fantastic day! :wink:

Yup. Showers is like doing something by not doing something. That’s just boring in showers. You have only fun from annying cops by crossing line and by trying to destroyd water by turning it on and off.

Ik this is revive and @goodbee will most likely complain, but I was thinking that you could use a wrench to burst a pipe and then break out.

I wouldn’t have even seen it if you didn’t mention me. Because if you mention me I get a notification. But anyway I’m not even the only one that doesn’t like people that revive dead posts.

You normally do. It’s at the top of Feature Requests now.