New form of session

I got an idea! For this session SI+ can host and W+ can co But the Idea is: RP Test session, All Ateendes will be inmate and the best roleplayers, Will be passers/HW -PUKIBOJ

That’s literally pointless. RP to level up is just ridiculous.

The session itself is not good, but allowing SI to host is just stupid.

Same. I am a superintendent, but hosting for superintendenta gonna make BC session się and every serwer would be on session.

Most servers have a SI. As @kapi123xd123lol said:

I like the idea of SI hosting and W+ co-hosting, but if it was a different type of session, I would like it. It takes forever to get promoted to CP or FD so it’ll be good for those who don’t want to spend months trying to get promoted to CP and/or FD.