New frisk system

Frisking should now allow people to see what others have and need to remove it manually.
Just a small change, but it would be nice.
It would make the game a little bit better as the current frisk is kinda weird
Edit: PI+

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It would be a nice type of frisk .

I would like this idea, however, it is slightly unfair since the viewtools command is useful for CPs to see inmate’s tools. Also, this could increase the chance of cuff abusers due to the fact that they likely would start to frisk others for no reason as they want to sneak to see their tools. This would be unfair to others as they will be abused for those officers that steal their tools for no reason.


There would be a addition as the inmate can choose to whether accept or not
but it is annoying in real situations

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What if they have to accept only if they didn’t use a gun or item already

they will just show an empty inventory