New game for trainings and inspections

I would like to request you to make a game for trainings and inspection because every time we go there the server may be full or there is a raider. The server is full but no many attend the trainings present only few. I think we must make a new game for training and inspection so many people can join and don’t have worry about raiders as only a CO+ rank can join the training centre. Pls make this or we have sit and listen to gun shooting all day during a raid. This will also prevent raid from happening in the server. Do it pls


I agree with That. I dont Like radiers, so They should make a New Game for Trainings/Inspections.

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This is a bad idea for several reasons.

1 - SR Raids are so rare these days and now CP+ can use srlock they have become so uncommon its no longer the major issue it once was.
2 - Massive drop in people attending sessions. At the moment, all sessions here are random and at short notice and getting people to join the main server is hard enough and going to a game which probably has 0 people on it will get you no attendees which means no trainings can be hosted.
3 - A solution for the second option is to have a session schedule but this was trialled before and 90% of CP+ hated the idea and was reverted quickly.
4 - If you don’t want to hear gunshots turn your volume to 0.

Ngl I’d agree with inspections, but not trainings.
Inspections already take ages, with a game that is made around it I think we would be able to host them way faster

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I agree for inspections but not trainings

I agree for inspections also but not trainings. Players might join the MAIN game to see if a session is being hosted but an external one is just bad. For inspections I would say make another game like maybe a clone of the current game just for inspections.

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I disagree half of the people that play SV2 are in trainings and that would drop amount of people playing a lot.