New Gamepass Or Compass

I was thinking SV could add a new gamepass allowing the user who bought it to remotely access the security cameras without going to the computer all the way at the front of the prison and if you don’t like that then what about a compass the shows Your team your on, and members and also a report update included to report on your status or location and let’s say your on the officers side and you die it could report your location to other team members to assist and also to add on to the compass there could be a signal jammer located somewhere else inside the prison instead of the power box just to ramp things up to a whole new level

Hi there!

I believe that that may be subjected to unrealism as not only in shifts, you may not be in the Camera Operator Room but maybe at somewhere else. This affects the professionalism of the shift as well as maybe confusing the shift in mistaking that you are not in your designated post. Plus, going all the way to the Camera Operator Room is also a factor of realism and I personally want to maintain it as the way it is now as we all want the most realistic and professional experience from the game.

Exyg17 - SI