New Guns and ideas

I feel there should be news guns added because our current setup is…
the current guns for officers are AKM M4A1 And Glock

I feel there should be a new gun or two or at least modifications
such as with the M4A1 you could change out the current magazine with one that has fewer bullets but more damage or you can swap to a mag that does less damage but has more ammo
It can be for every gun
there may be a laser you can add to make shots more accurate because I don’t know how many times I have gone to training or chased an inmate and shot them ON THE BACK and they get no damage dealt it’s annoying that happens guns can be modified to do more damage but fewer bullets or deal less damage but more bullets

A new gun that could be added is the AK-47 It would sound like the AKM it deals out 1/5 damage of a full HP player though it will have 10 - 15 bullets per magazine to not make it too OP and CP+ would have it maybe FD+


Would be pretty nice but not rlly needed atm

Ok, i can see a little bit why you said that some things may be too OP like the mag being smaller but more damage
I feel each gun we have now should at least be able to get modifiers List Below
AKM: No ammo clip mods | Lazer, flashlight and grip available | Silencer
M4A1: Ammo clip mods allowed | All Attachments allowed | Silencer
Pistol: No ammo clip mods allowed (No pistol has a clip mod IRL i think) | Lazer and flashlight allowed | Silencer
Taser: Ammo clip extended by 1 - 2