New handcuff option

Staff team should have the ability to detain inmates because of the following reasons:

  1. If there is another inmate acting up you can then help out the officers.

  2. If you are dealing with a tool abuse staff member or someone like that you can talk to them rather than just having to talk to them while they are arresting an inmate, it’d just be weird.

Here’s how the detain option will work: Once you detain an inmate, they will have the hands behind their back and they can still walk but really slowly (I’m still deciding if inmates can jump while being detained) but yeah, you can grab them back once they are done with something else and can then do anything they think it’s necessary.
I hope you liked my suggestion, and look forward to reviewing your feedbacks! :slight_smile:

Signed by adamus20195

Warden of SVPCF (Stateview Prison Correctional facility)


Might be abused a lot

like in another prison game i used to play

This concept is very similar to the one in ER:LC

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not the game i am talking about but yes

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If a person tried to abuse it, it would be quite hard to abuse because it’s not got much features to this, Only detain option, I mean yeah, it can be annoying but mostly they just cuff you and either arrest you or send you to solitary/max.

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That is a good idea but it would be abused a lot, so no.

Again, but wouldn’t be that abusable because most staff members just cuff them and either arrest them or place them in sol/max.