New (large) Update Ideas

  1. Helicopters
    Description: Are inmates still escaping? Take care of them with the new helicopter! Fly through the skies looking for the lost inmates! With flight features for ERT+ and gas features for COMM+ you can make sure inmates stay in the prison!

  2. Inmate Tracker
    Description: Have inmates gone missing? Try using the inmate tracker! Located in the control room, you can track what room / section of the map the inmates are in! This tool could be disabled when shot at, and restored by a Prison inspector or higher.

  3. Auto frisk
    Description: Did you forget to frisk someone before putting them in maximum security? Don’t worry! This new auto-frisk tool with make sure anyone who enters max/sol cell is frisked!

  4. Auto reminders
    Description: Are you tired of Corrections Officers going in the control room? Don’t worry! with auto reminders, they will be reminded to leave of be kicked.

Personally i disagree with all of these things,

Helicopters just wont fit in the game, and its gonna be boring staying in the helicopter all day

Trackers are too OP

Auto frisk, if you wanna place someone in max for continuously touching the door? Or solitary for insulting staff?

Auto reminders, COs can still go In the CR, they just cant stay there, but they can just walk by (eg going from infirmary to CB)

Or we could have level of key cards dw+ level 3 all cell block,lunch, control room,session room,high command offices,shower,max,cameras and solitary,yard,gate,showers,maxyard,towers
Pi+ Level 2 cameras,session room,cell box,lunch,showers,max and solitary,max yard,yard,control room ,gate,towers
Co+ level 1 shower cell block. Lunch. Yard

This will stop abuser from gate,control room