New Lockdown System (Potentially)

Ever since I joined Stateview, I’ve always want the rank ‘Cadet Officer’ to be changed to just ‘Cadet.’ In my opinion, it would just be cleaner in-game, and on the group. However, I understand that it’s meant to go with ‘Corrections Officer.’ Honestly, I feel as if both of these aren’t needed, as they are INCREDIBLY similar, and that one of them could be removed. Now, I’m not sure if both are included to make the game more realistic in terms of ranking, (I’ve never looked into prison rank regulations, etc) but it would clean up the ranking system again with the other change I mentioned.

Now for my In-game Feature Request. Recently, as a Chairperson without any commands during a shift, a blackout occurred in the prison. Nobody had any idea where the janitors key was. Problem was, anybody could have had it, an officer, an inmate, even an AFK thief that knew this would happen. At least to my knowledge, there’s absolutely nothing a CP or FD Supervisor (EHR btw) could do to stop the unplanned blackout. This made it VERY hard to find any potential HWs for the shift. (By the way, we did eventually find the key, but it look awhile.) As for the request in specific, I think there should be a way for somebody like a CAC+ or FD+ to be able to nullify the blackout and turn on the prison without having to wait for the card to appear. Even something simple like a timer system that didn’t make the blackout last forever would help greatly. If none of these prevailed, at least some way to keep the transmit on during a blackout, although not very realistic, would seriously assist further shifts.

Please make a reply if you either support these changes, or if you think they can be critiqued. This is a fairly new idea I came up with, so I’m still looking for feedback. Thanks.


I agree. I think a command named ‘prisonsys’ would work. It would be used like:

‘prisonsys blackout’ would toggle blackout
‘prisonsys lockdown’ would toggle lockdown
evac would not have to be included since it is locked by default

When the command is used to turn something on, since it is an admin command, it should lock the blackout/lockdown to on. When it is used again to toggle it off it would unlock it. Would be very helpful for managing LD and blackout remotely as well.

This command should be locked to HR admin+ since it is meant for shifts.

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Great idea, I appreciate you adding on to it as well. A feature like this is sort of past due by now.

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