New lockdown system?

There should be lockdown levels, i will explain them

Level 1 Lockdown ; Level 1 lockdown will be availableto DW+, it will act as normal LD.
Level 2 LD : Level 2 Lockdown will be availableto W+, it will close all doors for once.
Level 3 LD : Level 3 Lockdown will be availableto SI+, it will close all doors for once, it will lock yard door.
Level 4 LD : Level 4 Lockdown will be availableto FD+, it will close all doors for once, it will lock the yard door and maximum yard door.
Level 5 LD : Level 5 Lockdown will be available to CaC+ and SV Admins+ It will do the same things as Lvl 4 LD, but it will lock all tower posts door, will lock HR offices, a small notification at bottom right at screen will notify all users LVL5 LD is triggered

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I like this idea a lot, in my opinion, with L. 4 of LD+ all the doors of the towers will close and the FG will also close and also the doors of the entrance, as soon as the LD finishes the FG and the closed doors can be reopened.

Would change Level 3 For CP+ I dont really trust SIs with that much power. And I would change level 2 for SI+. And I dont really see a reason for a Level 5 LD. Since we already have evac drills for RP for BOG+. I think 4 levels is enough.

This would be way too many levels. I would say we stick with the current levels and rely on staff to secure the key points listed in the lockdown levels. I think code “Yellow, Red and code black”. However it would be nice to be able to lockdown areas of the facility when criminals are raiding. But that is just my opinion.

  1. DW is too high. Make it PI
  3. See 3.
  4. That’s a little OP

All inmates will be in cells because it’s normal lockdown aswell as the other additiona

DW+ can use LD
so it only makes since

DW shouldn’t even have permission to do normal LD.

It’s not gonna respawn everyone is it?

Yeah thats a good idea
i agree!

I really like this idea! I think this will be a great a great addition to the game! If there is like no criminals and just a riot, a level 1 LD would work. DW+ for all.

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