New Prison Escape Routes

I spend most of my time on inmate team and I have a few ideas for the update. First of all add some kind of sewer. I mean it makes sense and inmates will have to spend some time to get into the man hole (holding down a hot key or something). Once they are inside the tunnel it will lead to just outside the gate. Next I was thinking an inmate could explode a wall with explosives in a set location. It could spawn in like rope and have a cooldown. It would probably spawn in cell block. Also I think some of the doors inmates could open by doing something without the use of a keycard. Technically inmates can’t get through a door without a game pass keycard. And I think it would make sense if inmates could get through if left unattended. My last idea is a file. Inmates could use it on the door like I just talked about. Or they could use in on cell windows. They could file off the bars on the window and crawl through to escape. Obviously these things will have cooldowns so they don’t happen all the time similar to the rope. That is really all I can think off. Reply if you have any other ideas.

+Fix the rope. It’s just moving away if we try to climb on it