New rank between W-CP

Okay. It is of my opinion that we need a bridge between W-CP.

So this is my suggestion.

When you get noticed by a CAC, (this would be easier than getting noticed for CP) then they can promote you to ‘Supervisor’.

Supervisors DO NOT have admin, but they get the !votekick command, and are considered an MR, but they oversee the wardens, so if any abuse happens, it would be swiftly dealt with.

I am also pondering the idea of letting them co-host shifts, but I think that it would ruin the quota slightly.

I am open to any arguments or suggestions, post down below!


I think they should be able to co host shifts, and have the kick command, but kicks would have to be logged


Yeah I like the idea do you have to be in discord to get this rank though?

Yes, because as blub said you would have to log kicks

Yes, that would be good.

Also, the callsign should be SPVR.

And if they do not log their kick, or they abuse it, then they get demoted to Deputy Warden and locked to that rank so they can never get a higher rank than DW.

Give them like 24 hours to log their kick though.

@dpimpy, please add this in an update!

Also, logging kicks would prepare them for CP

And it would give the CAC+ staff proof that they will not abuse if they get CP, because they did not abuse as a Supervisor.

Getting locked at DW seems a bit hard to me, a demotion would be fine.

They should be demoted back to Warden and not be able to be promoted to Supervisor again for a period of time.
Also 24 hours is a long time to log a kick, i would say that 12 hours is more then enough time to log a kick.