New Rank (CP in trial)

From my concern, many Warden’s have been complaining or just giving up on Stateview because of the current system. Honestly I get that some people find Wardens complaining annoying etc but really it’s is extremely unfair. For example getting noticed, Inspections and shifts really depends on Timezone and luck.

My new feature would start off with HR sending in a google forms through discord Asking them certain questions, for example:

-What is your current level (Must be lvl 80+)
-What makes you think that you are capable for CP?
-How much would you rate your grammar skills?
-How much would you rate yourself into being responsible?
-Would you be active?

After players fill in the forms, HR+ would find the 5 best applications (The 5 applications must have good records) and do some background research on them which includes checking the activity of them and start getting some information about how much sessions they attend etc.

*To this point the 5 players still wouldn’t know about this happening

Afterwards, if the HR+ still thinks the 5 players of their selection is good they would finally dm the 5 players (If the player doesn’t reply in the next 24 hours they would be cancelled) and give them a mini test through discord asking them how they would deal with abusers in certain situations. If they pass they would be given the “CP in trial” rank which would last for 5 days.

What power does the CP n trial rank give:
-Player would be allowed to host shifts with permission and supervision
-Player would have some admin other than the ones that could be abused (Eg. Kick, Ban etc)

Special features:

  • Every admin power they use would be logged so HRs could check

After 5 days have passed the HRs would pick the best 1 - 2 people and promote them to CP.


I dont like this for a couple reasons:

  1. Some people just aren’t good at writing application
  2. It would cause our HRs to spent a lot of time on checking the commands and how they are doing
  3. The idea of letting a max amount of players out of 5 players pass, lets say one time all the 5 people would be ready for CP, would still only 2 pass?

Ok, I understand the fact that this may cause annoyance to HR but here is some solutions to solve this:

  1. Some people just aren’t good at writing applications -
    Some people might not be good at writing applications but if a person can’t even write an application you really think they could be CP? (Also the application is only asking several easy questions to prove themselves)

2.It would cause HR a lot of time check commands-
This is true but each command they use would be automatically logged so since it’s only 5 days I don’t think they would’ve use that many commands and would only take 5 - 10 minutes to check each one. Plus there would be other HR Checking, not only one.

    1. The idea of letting a max amount of players out of 5 players pass, lets say one time all the 5 people would be ready for CP, would still only 2 pass?-
      Well right now there are I suppose around 4,586 (The time I’m checking ) Wardens and I’m sure lots of them are ready. But still only few of them are promoted. Plus if all of them are actually equally ready HRs could keep a waiting list for those people.

I don’t know what is going on or what is going on but after seeing this idea, I think that they should just make another type of session which is more common then inspections but is only available for wardens only and then if they pass they just get promoted, if they don’t they get another try. Although, I am not a warden yet but I am just giving out a suggestion, not demanding it to happen.

danethangaming - Deputy Warden