New Section In the Traning. (Chasing Accurary)

Q: How to Do This?

This Section are After Tazer Accurary to Do This.
The Some Helper Will been Inmate to Being target.
And Host or Co-Host Will Say “Ready.” “Set.” “Chase!” to Attendee will Chase to Caught Target With Hand Cuffs. (No Tazer)
And The Time Limit was 15 Secend. (Also Can’t Caught in Time Limit is Result in Fail.)

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Would be pretty cool, but taser should be allowed and it should replace the aim part

yeah but where would it be done because i could cause chaos if it was in SR it should be done some where on the map that’s not by entrance somewhere like the double doors at lunch because that’s where they happen a lot or the gate at yard places where inmates actually get out