New Session Room

Ok this come to my attention and Staffing Department about Criminal “raiding” session room almost every single session. So i would suggest that

Remake a Session Room or Create a new session room that have 2 Doors first door is team door that not allow Criminals or Inmate to get in and Second door is Session Room lock door for “srlock” command.


I totally agree with this. We really need a new sessions room, also I think we need it in a different part of the prison because we get raided because the sessions room is right by the entrance to the prison, also known as the hot spot for criminals.


This is an amazing idea and needs to be raised to HICOMS (High In Command) , I’m learning to code and I might be able to create a separate game for the combat trainings so we have a bigger area yo train staff. All in all raiding the session area is a major issue and NEEDS to be delt with.

This would be in realistic and lol maybe make it underground.

Darker is HC, it’s not upto them, it’s upto the developers.


I highly agree with this, they should Redesign and make it Bigger in my opinion. Also 2 Doors idea is Great.