New session to Stateview Prison

Session name: 2 group war [2GW]
How it works?: First all the inmates will get guns, and tries to escape. They can ecape only from yard tower, which is in the same line as that tower, which doesnt have 2 doors, only 1. 2nd and last place to exit is Prison Exit. Guards must try to stop their escape. If 20 inmates escaped, then there will be another wave.
Waves: 1st. Both teams will choose 2 leaders, 4 co-leaders and 6 speacialists. In 1st wave, Leaders will plan with Co-Host and also everyone can give ideas. Also there will be in each group 1 leader, 2 co-leader and 4 speacialist. 2nd. All the inmates tries to escape. In this wave you will have 4 lives. get killed once and you will lose 1 life. Guards with vests has 6 lives. 3rd. If 20 inmates has escaped and became criminals, they will try to help others escape. Also these inmates, which are in prison, they are in CB without guns. Guards must guard these inmates. If criminals fail to escape others, then their defense is weaker.
4th. Now your lives has reseted. Now criminals has plan their defense on the road from the vent and yard to their base. Staff tries to take over criminals base and they tries to kill or arrest total 10 crims. 3 arrest and 7 kill = 5 criminals will stay as crims, others will be prisoners. 5th. Now criminals tries to free as many inmates as they can. they have 5 min. 6th. This is the final wave, guards tries to find criminals, which has hided to city and some criminals are attacking to prison. Also lives and deads can come before 6th wave to in game! Now everyone has 2 lives, that team which is last standing will get 3 points. 1 wave win = 1 point, but 6th wave win = 3 points. That team, which win will win everything

Roles: Leaders - Leads their groups!
Co-Leaders - They will help leaders and can give some orders.
Specialists - They are key players and has great Aim!
Leader can also give some else spots like scout and guard.

This session would be hosted by CAC with PC+ supervisior

-SIGNED - Henkka1981 - CP

Write your opinion down, please.

This is basically RPC.

Yeah. This is just a complicated RPC.

This is a pretty cool idea but I believe it is way to complex.
A way to simplify it is inmates vs guards; The inmates try to escape while the guards try to prevent their escape. Everyone has 3 lives