New Shift-Like Training

Hear me out,

What if there was an event where there are two teams/groups/platoons/squadrons.

One team patrol the outside and the other team manages the inside.

Then the Team/Group/Platoon/Squadron Commander/Leader assigns posts to the members.

Example: One each at the watch towers.

Same for the team inside the Prison.

They’ll do this for 15 minutes.


Field Captain: The Field Captain manages their team and assigns posts to them.

Vice Field Captain: Assists the Field Captain.

Patrol: Patrols outside.

Guard: Guards outside.

You can change these descriptions idrc if this gets denied I just wanted to share this.

Thats a shift tho-

jerryomgxu - FD

Yea its basically a shift, and we already have a promo shift lol

Did you just forget what a shift was, and then make a more complicated shift?

I- What.

No. Just no.