New system for getting team (application)

make an application for each team when you claiming it.for example: i’m 7 lvl and becoming 8, lvl and claiming Commandeer rank,and i need do apply to get this rank (Why you want become [rank] and so on).
Reason:Noobs ert and comm are abusing thier power like LD without reason, putting inmates to msx cells without reason.

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Not necessarily needed but sure, I agree

i mean yeah its a good idea but do you think we have enough time to actually look through those thousands of applications?

No it would be a quiz, and a bot does them, also they have to be at a certain lvl to do a certain quiz, like for DW, you need to be lvl 32 and then do the quiz

@dpimpy you should add this perfect idea

Worst idea, they will just be like the CO apps, and just be copied from YT.

No it’s in-game, also you have to reach a certain lvl to do the quiz. Like right now you can instantly claim COMM when you reach lvl 8, but with the quiz added you’ll reach lvl 8 and when you try to claim it, it’ll give you a quiz

We would have to create new applications or quiz and there are too many to do. Also, they would all just cheat and copy everything from youtube.

Omfg do you not understand, it’s IN THE GAME, and when you claim the comm or somethin, it gives you a quiz IN THE MAIN GAME, and if you complete it THEN it ranks you
Making that clear for a sec

I mean, I guess that would prevent abusers. But really, I feel like it’s just common sense, what the right answer would be. So it would probably not stop people.