New team for SI+

There should be this new team for SI+, which is basically a team for Middle Ranks to join (as HICOMM would be better than this team). Make a team called Prison Control (PCo), or just anything else. Players in this team get the following perks:

Glock 17
Glock 43
Riot Shield
“Warp” command (Can not warp to the AR)
“Refresh” command (can be used on other Low Ranks)
“Respawn command” (Only on yourself)
“Sit” command (Only on yourself)
“To” command (Can work on anyone)

Cool concept, but there are some slight issues.
1. Why would they get an MP5? The MP5 is a criminal weapon and even OC doesn’t get it.
2. Why do they get free admin?

remove MP5
To control a bit of the prison and not abuse

I think CP+ might actually work better to get the admin, since it actaully takes some work to get and not just shifts and trainings.

SI does not need admin so a MR team is useless and if a rank need a little admin its CP not SI.


Just remove the commands and let them have more weapons

I think SI should not even have its own team since they barely know anything I have 20+ shifts I attended where SI either give cadets Captain or Cam op, SI does not deserve its own team (This is for some) The mr team should CP+ even tho MR is SI+, and it will cause confusion for LR’s since they will think SI’s are employed at Sv and will make the current SI’s think they have more authority then they did.

Facility director

This is heavily biased. This would never happen. There is no good reason for SI or CP to have their own team or commands. FD might maybe need this but highly unlikely.

CM | High Command

It’s impossible to give CP commands because we use a different system for our Commands and it’s impossible to make new category’s for commands. If that makes any sense.

Name a single situation where CP would need commands

Plus, CP had commands a couple months ago and it was chaos. Tons of AA.