New team for Superintendent+ (MR team)

This will be controversial, but I won’t make it too abusing. The fact that LR and MR share a team isn’t that good and only HR get their own team.

  • Team Name: Middle Command (MCOMM)
  • Loadout: Same as ERT, able to activate lockdowns.
  • Limit: 6
  • Color: Green
    Admin commands: View, Unview, PM, Ingameadmins, sit (yourself)
    Ability to cuff CaO and CaO only. (optional)
    If the cuff ability seems too abusive, make them able to take cuffed prisoners from CaO and even CO.
    Everyone on this team will have the white uniform.

Hello @kasg12! I have already suggested your topic before. Please make sure to look at all topics and posts before you make on yourself. So, in my opinion, a team for SI+ will not be added. Make it CP+ as Superintendents do not need this new team. Also, increasing the limit would be good!

“Regular” in the forums.

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I think SI+ kind of deserves some admin, since it’s the first MR rank after all and it doesn’t get that many new features besides cohosting in shifts.

And every “section” of ranks gets a new team up until leadership/SHR.
Inmates - Inmate team
LR - Correctional Staff
HR - High command.
So why doesn’t MR get one aswell?

There are thousands of SIs, it would be impossible for them to be moderated… too much abuse.

Stateview forum “regular”

The admin doesn’t have abusive features at all, and usually CaOs are who abuse the most.

You’re just power hungry…

It would kind of mess up stateview’s sales… most people that but the Admin Gamepass are SI+.

Hello kasg12,

This is a TERRIBLE idea, not only does the team name “Middle Command” sound goofy and not make sense in general, giving them administrative permissions is also a terrible idea. There is no reason for this to exist nor for them to have administrative permissions regardless of what those permissions may be.

Adding on, giving them permission to detain other staff personnel is also a terrible idea as this would be abused.

In summary, this would be abused and will not be added.

Prison Commissioner,
Stateview Community Management



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