[NEW] Thoughts on claimable CP

Thoughts on claimable Chairperson.

What happened
Yes, it is true. Earlier today, Stateview Leadership member xJimm_y made it possible for the rank of Chairperson to be claimed by users of level 128 and above. While I’m sure this is music to the ears of dedicated Wardens, I urge you to take a moment and consider what this really means for existing Chairpersons.

This has upset the balance of power in the Stateview MR ranks, and has blurred the line between Warden and Chairperson.
Imagine how this would feel; you have dedicated weeks into Stateview, constantly helping in trainings and being the hardest worker in shifts, but it has all paid off. You have achieved the glorified rank of Chairperson for your hard work, as a reward for your dedication.

Do you want all these people’s hard work to be for nothing?

Chairpersons are meant to be respected. You are the first MR rank able to host and co-host sessions, you are expected to be professional.

As well as this, there are several other problems, including:

  • Sessions - The request-supervisor channel will be flooded with requests, and there will not be enough FD+ to handle them all. Even then, the session limit (5 ongoing sessions at once) will constantly be maxed with CPs hosting shifts, which will make it hard for other FD+ to complete quota. Additionally, it will become nigh impossible to co-host, as new CPs will be flooding in.

  • Professionalism - While I’m sure most Level 128+ are mature, they may not have experience hosting and co-hosting sessions, unlike someone who has helped in a training before.

  • Lack of knowledge about regulations - They may not have things like the session guide etc, and will make shifts look more unprofessional. They also may not be aware of the grammar requirement.

I am not speaking just for myself here; I am speaking on behalf of all the Chairpersons who find this unfair, and I urge you to reconsider this frankly shocking decision.


I DO NOT like this new thing, you should only be able to obtain CP by activity or passing an inspection.


I 75% DO NOT like this update

There will be like 50-100 more CPs so that means more work for us FD+

But on the upside it might encourage more activity inside the game

jerryomgxu - FD

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I totally understand the point of needing more level-based rewards, but it doesn’t HAVE to be a rank. It could be other bonuses, for example a rainbow nametag or getting a permanent M4A1 on the inmate team!

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Sadly they added the update back :sob:

i hate it, its gonna make fd+ impossible to host which means getting reformed for them, other than that chairperson is now a worthless and unprofessional rank as even afk farming can give the ability to become cp now

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That’s why you catch them, 10 minute proof, and Send to Appeals Department.

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I agree with you, because a lot of people that I’ve known inside this game trained hard to get CP and now just having level 128 can secure you to have CP. Before earning CP is working hard and attending trainings, where you can learn the rules and how to properly act but now I’ve seen new CP’s that didn’t know some rules.
I can add that I’m a level 234 in SV and still a warden because it was much responsibility to me, I claimed it for 1 min and claimed back the warden rank.

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Just asking…. We need a 10min in screen recording of proof?!

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Yes, Minimum 10 minutes of recording, Must be on YouTube or any video that is NOT downloadable, So the Appeals Association won’t have to download some unsecure files.

skoseck Chairperson/ TAS

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Use medal, YouTube, ect to report someone

Jerryomgxu - FD

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Exactly. Also, I have noticed that the recent shift grades from our newest Chairpersons are steadily getting worse. This means that the reputation of Stateview MRs/HRs on a whole will go down, as staff hosting sessions are representing Stateview.

That’s why they should remove claimable CP
It’s so annoying having unqualified CPs hosting sessions and representing stateview

Wow i’ll put that as discord status.

I understand you’re arguments, but we should apply them to everything in this case. As example, rank buyers for CoS, BDT, etc. They steal the place of someone who worked hard simply by paying money. We could also apply this to other ranks, such as Warden, claiming W versus people who actually worked for it.

I disagree with you, I believe claimable CP is good for Stateview. Why? It will create more opportunities. More CPs, usually means more of them breaking rules, therefore more reports/appeals and so, more appeals associate positions open! More CPs, means that the rank limits will be raised up, so more Leadership and HR positions will open.

For the reasons stated above, I support the update and claimable CP.

Respectfully, XLR.

That’s a good argument but as you said, more of them will abuse and that’s a problem as we don’t know who worked for it and who just farmed in game and how more reports, how more positions open yes. But there will be more stress, so less people will want to apply, and the people who already were in Appeals Team will probably resign because of the stress, and then nobody would be there to manage reports and appeals. High Ranks+ would then have to manage them besides being active in game and that would lead to more stress for them to, and so on.

I would be okay with claimable CP if at least the people who worked for it got promoted to FD or something since it’s just unfair for them. Maybe some people just got CP and they wanted to host and combat abuse etc, however now they have to work even more to get to FD which would demotivate a bunch of people.

Those are frivolous assumptions, with all due respect. Appeals Team have quotas, they don’t necessarily have to exceed them. What the Appeals Team could do is hire more appeals associate, and allow CoS+ to handle appeals again *. This would remove the “supposed” stress from said staff members, which respectfully, I doubt would cause more stress. The less stressfull job in SV is probably appeals.

About a year ago, the Leadership Team could handle appeals, but this rule was removed by 2CuteDemon due to a Chief of Staff (me) doing too many reports/appeals in a day.

Personally, I would dislike the claimable CP system.
Firstly, staffs would grind (afk farm) to get CP, it doesn’t show their real activity by attending sessions. Secondly, as CP is now claimable, there are many CPs fighting over to host shifts, which is really quite unfair to some of them. Thirdly, CPs are supposed to be professional and mature enough. Some staffs who claimed CP, appears to show unprofessionalism and abuse their rank.
Lastly, getting CP at level 128 isn’t really that difficult generally. I was actually expecting a level 200 for a CP rank, as you get to host shifts, co-host trainings/shifts, such permissions deserves a higher level.