New type of session

My idea for a session is a server wide deathmatch, kind of like the purge. So basically how this would work is a new team called “Deathmatch” or “Sessions” would be added. They would be able to kill teammates and anyone else without taking damage. This team would then only ever be used for this session. They will spawn in completely random locations in or around the outside of the prison and have an AKM, Glock 17 and Riot Shield. CAC+ or events team would be able to host it. Promotions being given out can be completely optional and the session should be mainly for fun and community engagement. Thoughts?


It wouldn’t make sense to turn a roleplay game into a FFA gun-game. That’s like eating ice cream with a fork, it doesn’t make sense.

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It’s a session meant for fun, the entire point is for it to be different from the rest of the game…

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Well maybe they could make a separate game for it.

that doesnt make sense then they will just be wasting budget. thats why i said to make it a SESSION

All they would have to do is copy the game and the map, and then write some new code. Trust me, I know a little bit of coding.

yeah but if they just copy and paste the game then theres no point. thats why i said to make it a session