New update is not the best

I don’t like this new update. It doesn’t work out on mobile because when you move, it fires the gun, the buttons are WAY too big, I liked the shift to sprint better, and the gun staying in first person. I highly preferred the other one.


And i like it when the shield blocks some of the bullets and now its useless.

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It would be nice if the shield could do some protection. 2 ideas for that:

  1. It fully protects you but it takes damage and requires repair every once on a while. Maybe a little station for repair. This idea also connects to in-game currency made by playing the game or some other activities. This being that it cost in-game money to repair.
  2. It deflects some of the bullets and doesn’t require any repair. That, or they don’t add what was said in the first idea and just make the shield a breakable item and only “repaired” when you die.
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