New Weather System, possibly a tornado and hurricane storm/spawn also?!?!

This feature would allow a more advanced and realistic weather system at state view, there could be more realistic clouds, storms that spawn and you can see them coming on the horizon of the game before they even hit the area that you are in, and there could be lightning that if you get hit by it you get damaged (half health or realistic health loss), hail that could slowly make you take damage if you get hit too much, and there could also be the chance that a hurricane disaster/superstorm could hit and make high winds, do damage to structures, and kill players, also a tornado disaster could tale place, less dangerous than the hurricane storm, but if it hits the prison, or city or houses, or any structure it damages them and can drag you in and kill you either by throwing you and you instantly die upon impact with the ground or die instantly due to the powerful suction. of a hurricane, an earthquake, and tsunami/flood could be possible and that can make an interesting twist to the game, making keeping the prison controlled a little bit more challenging for the players, especially when the prison is damaged by one of the storms. This is a feature I would like to suggest to be added.

Its literally not realistic at all unless u wanna make it happen once every so many years

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I would be rare event for the hurricane one, common for the tornado, every so often for the flood/ tsunami, thats what I thinking.

storm events like ligtning and hail would be very very common in storms tho

I think this would be a kinda good one, but it would cause a lot of lag. For example, if a tornado hits and gun fires, bloxcord would ddosed the server. However, if a lighting storm hit the prison it would be pretty cool!


The idea as a whole isnt as bad, especially the thunder part, I like that or maybe just a cloudy weather, just a few more options. But for the disaster part, that would be too much work for the devs with too less results. The main part of the game is prison and that wouldnt really fit in. Lag would increase too but overally not a bad idea

But all in all, I would say yes.

addition, making a realistic thunder sounds in the storms and lightning and the flashes also., storm could also cause power outage to prision and surrounding areas including the neighborhood and city areas

I 100% do not agree with this because that would cause chaos tans the prison is already too chaotic because of the gamepasses

ok then maybey just stick to the idea I originally had then