No buying ranks

Have you ever been in the game and seen a level 1 warden? Like theese people join the game, pass the quiz and become a cadet, then they just buy a rank like warden with their robux. Sometimes they even have enough robux to buy superintendent. Like imagine, working hard and being active and you finally get deputy warden. Randomly this low level warden comes and gives you a whole bunch of random and stupid commands. Sometimes they even ask you things that any one PI+ would know. These players are almost always direspectful because they think they’re so powerful. You should not be able to buy any ranks. Players can already buy themselfs a level. Maybe keep CP gamepass for superintendents. If you agree, please comment.

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I think rank buying shouldn’t be entirely taken out, maybe be a certain level or rank to buy another rank, like COMM or PI+ to buy SI or under if that’s possible, but low levels and ranks shouldn’t be able to buy ranks

I agree with this. I am a warden at SV, and I have seen this kind of situation where the warden has no idea what they are doing. They should just stick to cadet, and attend sessions to get to know the game a lot more.

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No, Its their robux let them spend it.

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