No more levels for DW+

I think there should not be any levels for DW+ DW have votekick it will (and has) been abused by EXP grinders. And you should definitely not be able to be promoted to warden via levels, As warden you can: votekick, help in trainings and be captains in shifts. I don’t think you should be able to give this power to EXP grinders. And remove the game pass for DW+.


If anything, I think promotion via levels is great.

If you play for 64 hours, you will have a good understanding of the rules and know what is abuse and what isn’t.

XP farming is a serious offence at Stateview and can lead to termination I think or at least suspension.

As for removing the gamepass, I wish it could be that simple but the DW+ gamepasses are a major source of income for Stateview.

No popular Roblox game has 0 abusers so I think the gamepasses should be kept but I don’t like people who buy ranks, they need to earn it.

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It’s not playing for 64 hours doing shifts, training, RPCs, inspections. It’s being AFK with an auto clicker or something for 3 days straight.

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Abuser Using Auto-Clickers Are Very EZ To Caught

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Ya I kicked 2 for doing that.
SV CP cin123456_2

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