NO PI BUFF? #NoCharactersLimit

Serriously,add something to PI,they are uselees.Just a commandeer that can command must have probably new item or maybe a new gun or buffs?
They haven’t “special work”.
Example: CO is a low officer that listen to everyone.
MO: Healing Supporter.
COMM: Commanding ranks that lower hem.
DW: helping to a Warden.
Warden: Commanding Ranks below hem.
But a PI just exist.

Edit: ERT: a special squad for riots.

PI command to COMM- and help DW. And again, as I said in another post it just looks like you want things improved for what you want

About last part-false.
I just want make devs buffed a team that uselees

MO is lower than CO
(Characters pls)

I know,
I hate limit.

Since they are a Prison Inspector, Why not a different spawn? They would be able to open doors and look at officers behaviour. They would try to correct it.

Stop reviving dead posts

Gimme characters