Noobs abusing are annoying

Abusing noobs are sooooooooooooooo annoying


Like I told someone else earlier you need to gather proof of them abusing and report them on the intel server the link to that can be found in the main discord.

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I feel bad for doing this…


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3 years later… bro what was the point

I really don’t know but lets just not reply to this anymore.

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Bro, why did you revive a 3-year-old post? They are dead for a reason.

He didn’t mean to, sometimes you forget to look at the date.

I am sorry I just wanted to. I swear I will never do it again.

It’s ok just don’t make it a habit.

If I ever do it again it will be an accident.

you must formally apologize to the regulars overlords or else there will be grave consequences. if this is to happen again there will be many regrets. reviving dead posts is the most atrocious type of crime you could ever even think of committing. in fact, how DARE you revive a dead post on the stateview forums after 3 years? what went through your mind when you were sitting behind your keyboard, typing that message out? what dark force came over your soul and manipulated you into committing such a heinous act? i am heavily and extremely and utterly disappointed and expect to see better in the future. disgraceful! :rage:


no no no, I am sorry Regular overlords, I am ashamed of what I have done.

Omg chill its fine… im not a mini-mod anymore…

Not even related…


Kinda is…


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They are not even talking to you

fr bro think the forum belong to him