OC medical division

So the medical team was removed a while ago, but what if it “returned” in the shape of an OC subdivision? The medical officer outfit is pitch black and kind of fits the look of something OC related. My suggestion is to add a subdivision to OC that will operate as a medic in combat. OC is often times engaging in intense combat and in certain scenarios a combat medic would be really helpful. How would it work though? Only people who are part of the subdivision would have access to it, just like normal OC. But instead of making a whole new seperate team for it, it should instead be a notification that pops up when someone switches to OC asking if they want to be a combat medic, and then it would respawn them as one while they are still on the OC team. The tools they would spawn with would be cuffs, glock 43, taser, medkit and the baton. This subdivision would benefit OC and actually all prison staff during a large raid/riot. Thoughts?

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Yeah, that seems like a good idea. Sometimes when there’s a riot, we can’t res anyone because we die before we can finish.

I don’t see a point in a OC medical team, OC is already good so there is no point for OC to get it maybe a governor may re-add the team idk.


The Governor got sacked and it’s currently vacant.

no point in mo, the only good thing is the uniform ngl